MedCords: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in India

MedCords: Revolutionizing Healthcare Access in India


In a country as populous as India, accessing quality healthcare can be a significant challenge, especially in rural and remote areas. However, thanks to the rapid growth of technology and the innovative efforts of startups like MedCords, healthcare accessibility is undergoing a revolution. MedCords is an Indian startup that has made remarkable strides in bridging the gap between patients and healthcare services through the power of digital technology. In this case study, we will explore the journey, impact, and key factors behind the success of MedCords.

  1. Background and Founding:

MedCords was founded in 2016 by Shreyans Mehta, Nikhil Baheti, and Saida Dhanavath with a vision to transform healthcare delivery in India. The founders recognized the challenges faced by millions of Indians in accessing quality healthcare, such as long waiting times, limited access to medical records, and lack of specialist consultation. To address these issues, they set out to create an integrated digital platform that could connect patients, doctors, and pharmacies seamlessly.

How Pune-Based MedCords Is Digitising Healthcare In India's Villages

  1. The MedCords Solution:

MedCords developed a comprehensive platform that brings together various stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. The platform comprises three core components: MedCords OPD, MedCords EMR, and MedCords Pharmacy.

a. MedCords OPD: MedCords OPD (Outpatient Department) is a mobile application that allows users to consult with doctors remotely. Patients can book appointments, access virtual consultations, and seek expert medical advice through the app. This feature has been particularly beneficial for individuals in rural and underserved areas who often face challenges in traveling long distances to see a doctor.

b. MedCords EMR: MedCords EMR (Electronic Medical Records) is a digital repository where patients can securely store and manage their medical records. By centralizing medical information, patients can easily share their history with doctors, reducing the need for repetitive tests and facilitating accurate diagnoses. This feature has been instrumental in improving treatment outcomes and streamlining healthcare services.

c. MedCords Pharmacy: MedCords Pharmacy is an online platform that connects patients with nearby pharmacies. Users can order medicines, get real-time updates on availability, and even benefit from discounted prices. This integration has simplified the process of purchasing medications, especially for those with chronic illnesses who require regular refills.

  1. Key Success Factors:

a. Digital Infrastructure: MedCords leveraged India's increasing smartphone penetration to build a mobile-based platform accessible to a wide range of users. By focusing on user-friendly interfaces and optimizing the app's performance in low-connectivity areas, MedCords ensured that even individuals with limited technological literacy could benefit from their services.

b. Partnerships and Alliances: MedCords forged strategic partnerships with local healthcare providers, clinics, and pharmacies across India. This collaboration expanded their reach and enabled them to provide comprehensive healthcare solutions. By working closely with existing infrastructure, MedCords accelerated their growth and achieved a wider impact.

c. Data Security and Privacy: Recognizing the sensitivity of medical information, MedCords prioritized robust data security measures. They ensured compliance with relevant privacy regulations and implemented encryption protocols to protect patient data. By building trust and maintaining the confidentiality of user information, MedCords gained credibility and fostered long-term relationships with their users.

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  1. Impact and Achievements:

Since its inception, MedCords has made remarkable progress in transforming healthcare access in India:

a. Improved Healthcare Access: MedCords has expanded access to quality healthcare for millions of Indians, especially those residing in remote areas. By providing virtual consultations, reducing travel time and costs, and enhancing medical record accessibility, MedCords has effectively bridged the gap between patients and doctors.

b. Enhanced Efficiency and Affordability: The integration of MedCords Pharmacy has streamlined the medication procurement process. Users can conveniently order medicines from their local pharmacies and benefit from discounts, making healthcare more affordable and accessible.

c. Scalability and Expansion: MedCords has grown exponentially, expanding its operations to cover more states and cities across India. Their success has attracted investments, enabling further technological advancements and broader outreach.


MedCords, an Indian startup founded with the vision to improve healthcare access, has made significant strides in leveraging digital technology to connect patients, doctors, and pharmacies seamlessly. By offering virtual consultations, digital medical records, and an integrated pharmacy platform, MedCords has transformed the way healthcare services are delivered in India. With their continued efforts, MedCords is poised to create a lasting impact on the Indian healthcare landscape, making quality healthcare accessible to all.