It's Time To Make Plans For Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon 2.0

This may look like a block party, but this Spark Hackathon aims to do some real work for good and turn your startup ideas into reality

It's Time To Make Plans For Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon 2.0

Startups are gaining immense popularity around the world, and with more assistance available in all dimensions, their number is increasing. Intending to empower the ambitions of Indian startups from idea to unicorn. 

Foundation for Spark Incubation Center has announced to organize Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon a nationwide talent hunt for promising young entrepreneurs from across the country this new year. 

Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon is a celebration for the start of 2023. 

This Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon is going to aspire founders with the ideal setting to learn, network, and evolve their startups. The immersive experience is jam-packed with challenges, real-life insights from the ecosystem, and brilliant minds coming together. Here, you will learn how to identify sound concepts and what to do with them. Additionally, you will receive initial pitching pointers so that you can make your point quickly at the time you discuss your idea.

Spark incubation center is inviting participants to think outside of the box leave their comfort zones idealize and implement solutions that can bring about real change and development. 

All aspiring people are encouraged to think creatively, step outside of their comfort zones, idealize, and put into practice solutions that can result in genuine change and advancement. 

Benefits of taking part in the Bundelkhand Spark Hackathon 2.0:

  • Improve your ability to solve problems
  • Obtain the best mentoring from professionals
  • Tremendous prize money for the victorious team
  • Increase employment opportunities
  • Upskill and receive insightful feedback
  • Take on challenging real-world competitions
  • Make connections with business leaders
  • Engage and converse with people who share your views

Who can participate?
Bukdelkhand Spark Hackathon is open to all techies, non-techies.There is also age bar anyone from anywhere can take part.

Important Details:

  • Registration Fee: Free
  • Team Size: 1 to 3
  • Problem Statements a Team can solve: No Restrictions

For more details or if have idea and want to take part in the upcoming bundelkhand spark hackathon 2.0. follow social media pages of spark incubation center or log on to