Miska, a well-known clothing line, is here to improve your daily wardrobe.

Miska, a well-known clothing line, is here to improve your daily wardrobe.
Miska daily fashion brand

Journey of the Founder

Miska's founder and creative director, Anju Binani Damani, has always been by nature a designer. She completed her design studies at the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Kolkata after graduating from The Bhawanipur Education Society College in Kolkata (NIFT). Anju, a mother of two, began her design career at the age of 30 with just ten completed pieces. Only emotional support was given to her endeavour by her mother and husband. She started Miska (Misका) on her own in 2019 with the goal of creating fashionable clothing for women and girls.

Creating the Concept

Anju's family has been designing fashionable clothing for the past 40 years. Both in India and abroad, her father and brother own the kids' clothing company Bie. Globally, her husband also produces boys' clothing under the Blue Kids label. Anju had other ideas. She wanted to make something for girls and women. Anju started covering the West Bengal clothing market in her capacity as marketing head. She expanded her business to the southern Indian suburbs after experiencing success in Bengal.

Currently, Miska specializes in women's and children's clothing, offering a vibrant and unusual selection of round-neck t-shirts, capris, and hot pants, as well as sections for young girls and women of all ages.

Being in a Market with Competition

The founder is in favour of healthy competition. She talks about how a business's price, quality, and client relationship management can set it apart from rivals. She also expresses concern about the lack of female employees in the B2B industry. Speaking about her business, she claims that because her brand is a pan-Indian wholesaler, she has no trouble obtaining orders from retail merchants. Even Miska has a website where customers can buy cost-effective, fashionable everyday clothing. Prices typically range between Rs. 400 and Rs. 800, making them affordable. She also wants to travel with her business to Dubai. Additionally, their flagship stores will open soon.

Environment at Work

Anju offers a healthy working environment to her staff. She empowers her team to think creatively and maximize the potential of the brand in her role as creative director. She thinks that there should be as much openness as possible in the relationship between the employer and the employee.

The Effects of Covid

Since Miska launched online in 2019, it hasn't had to deal with any of these Covid-related repercussions. When Covid is not at its best, the founder is currently making a steady effort to break into the offline market.