Tap Into Bharat: iMAP Your Passport to World's Fastest Growing Market

Tap Into Bharat: iMAP Your Passport to World's Fastest Growing Market
indian market access program

India is one of the fastest growing and most dynamic economies in the world. With a population of over 1.3 billion people and a rapidly expanding middle class, India presents immense opportunities for startups looking to scale up. However, breaking into a new market is always challenging, especially one as complex as India with its distinct business culture.

The Indian Market Access Program (iMAP) aims to unlock the doors to India's thriving marketplace for startups through a structured 3-month program. Created by IM Global, iMAP helps startups navigate the Indian business landscape to explore and expand into the Indian market. It also assists Indian startups looking to grow globally.

What Makes iMAP Special?

iMAP offers a robust platform for startups to enter the Indian ecosystem. What makes it impactful is how the program is tailored to address the specific pain points faced by startups.

  1. Personalized Mentorship: Startups get guidance from leading entrepreneurs, industry experts, and veteran mentors from top organizations in India. Mentors offer insights into everything from regulatory policies, hiring challenges, to understanding consumer behavior.
  2. Networking Opportunities: Startups can connect with potential partners and customers through facilitated introductions. iMAP also organizes demo days with venture capital firms, accelerators, government agencies, and corporates to open up fundraising, piloting, and acceleration opportunities.
  3. On-ground Support: The program includes an immersion week in Bangalore to experience the Indian startup culture and meet key players in the ecosystem. Startups get hands-on support including help in account setup, hiring, marketing, and technical implementation to hit the ground running.

The carefully structured on-ground and online components spanning three months helps startups systematically tackle the Indian market. With the right local connections and guidance in place, startups can concentrate on the business fundamentals.

Launching successfully in competitive new markets requires thorough preparation and strategic support. That is what the iMAP program promises to provide through its comprehensive approach to ensure startups can navigate India's complex, often unpredictable business terrain. The opportunity for growth in India is tremendous given the sheer market size and rising spending power. For startups that want structured access into India, iMAP could prove to be that early competitive edge in their expansion journey.

To know more about iMAP Program visit today: www.imglobal.ac