One of the world's fastest-growing clothing brands, Stone Bear is made in India

One of the world's fastest-growing clothing brands, Stone Bear is made in India

Kushal Patel grew up in a family that had been in the textile/export business for 30 years before he joined the family business in between 2008 and 2009. Kushal is the owner of Stone Bear, a men's apparel brand owned by Panorama International. Kushal had intended to continue his education abroad despite not pursuing further studies after receiving a mass communication diploma from a reputable college in Bombay. But the 2007 financial crisis prevented him from doing so, so he joined his father's company instead.

An Inside Look at This Startup's Inspiration

The textile industry is the one that is least organized in the 21st century and has the lowest level of knowledge among the general public. Those who come from wealthy families in the business or those who are coerced into it are the only two groups typically involved in this type of industry. Kushal has observed that these companies are passed down from one generation to the next, particularly among the youth of the 1990s who are more familiar with family businesses than this generation is.

Kushal structured the company with the help of his mother and family after he finished his education. However, he was determined to launch his own business and did not want to work for anyone else. Despite obstacles along the way, Kushal was able to gain knowledge from them and launch his own men's clothing company, Stonebear, in 2022 with the intention of altering public perceptions of the sector.

What the Founders Want to Achieve With Their Change-Seeking Vision

In an effort to dispel myths about men's fashion, Kushal founded Stonebear, a startup that sells a variety of men's clothing. The company's founder believes that his new venture can transform the textile industry, which is ready for innovation, in a way that is desperately needed. Due to his strong sense of entrepreneurship and desire to change the world, Kushal overcame obstacles to establish a successful brand that is sure to inspire others in the sector.

From 2009 to 2019, Kushal managed a successful family textile business. He analyzed his plans for starting a new company. He credited his skilled management of a workforce for the company's solid annual turnover of 15–18 crore. Due to his dedication, he was unable to take advantage of new opportunities, but he did learn some important lessons. He received assistance from his father, who suffered a severe brain stroke but was there for him as a pillar, despite the risk involved in beginning a new business. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought more attention to the term "startup," which the founder Kushal Patel acknowledged was still developing.

What Kind of Product Does This Company Offer?

The brand's product is not unique because many other companies offer similar styles and designs. But what distinguishes the company from its rivals is its emphasis on offering a comfortable and well-fitting product for every body type. Wear Confidence is their motto. With an option for 5XL (Future plans), the brand conducted fittings on 20–25 body sizes, including small and double XL. The Gujarat-based project was completed in December 2021, formally launched in November 2022, and enjoyed profitable operations in December 2022 and January 2022. The company is spending money on paid advertisements on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram in an effort to persuade potential customers.

Future Plans for Stonebear Companies

The company wants to establish itself as a well-known sustainable brand that sells a variety of men's clothing and accessories, including cotton chinos, weekend wear, summer vacation outfits, co-ords, and accessories. Their slogan is "Wear Confidence," and they import fabric from Italy and other European countries because they value high quality. The company has a small offline office setup and is currently concentrating on digital marketing. They are currently bootstrapping their operations, though they might look for investment in the future.

Due to Kushal's prior experience in foreign markets, this brand is once again a top seller on Amazon. They also have plans to go international.

A Closer Look At The Challenges The Founder Overcame

After spending two years by himself, he launched his startup in 2021 with the explicit goal of shattering preconceived notions about what constitutes a "startup," but he soon encountered the COVID-19 challenges. It was mentioned in an interview that the startup's main risks included the novelty of the term "startup" to potential customers and the general lack of interest from the public. The stonebear business was founded in 2022 by the owner Kushal, who personally manages all production and marketing activities with the aid of one employee.

Despite the difficulties brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Kushal is optimistic about the company's prospects. Without the assistance of a team of labour, logistics, or accounting experts, he is handling everything himself because he believes it is crucial to have a complete understanding of every aspect of the business.

Founder Offers Advisory Message And Thoughts On Rivals

In a recent interview, Kushal Patel, the founder of a textile startup, stated that he does not see his rivals as threats but rather as people who are also working towards their own professional objectives. According to him, it is crucial to concentrate on one's own distinct vision and avoid comparing and competing with others. Aspiring business owners should invest enough money in their ventures before engaging in fund-raising, says Kushal. In addition, he even mentioned the risk factor of exercising caution when conducting business in any market, whether it be international, before implying that involving the government, banks, and desired Government approved councils can add an extra layer of security. Well, he deserves praise for explaining it to the readers. His final advice to everyone is to maintain their focus, have a well-defined plan, and develop trust with their business partners.