The Unstoppable Rise of DeHaat: How a Rural Start-up is Revolutionizing Agriculture and Empowering Farmers

The Unstoppable Rise of DeHaat: How a Rural Start-up is Revolutionizing Agriculture and Empowering Farmers
Success Story of Dehaat

DeHaat, founded in 2012, is an agritech startup that aims to provide farmers in rural India with access to information, products, and services that can help them improve their crop yields and incomes. The company was founded by Shashank Kumar and Manish Kumar, who both grew up in farming families in Bihar, India.

 Initially, DeHaat started as a call center that provided farmers with information about weather patterns, crop prices, and other agriculture-related topics. However, the founders soon realized that farmers needed more than just information - they also needed access to quality inputs like seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides, as well as services like soil testing and crop advisory.

To address this gap, DeHaat launched its own agri-supply chain, which connects farmers directly with suppliers of inputs and services. The company uses a network of local agents, called "Krishi Saathis," who are equipped with digital tools like mobile apps and tablets to help farmers place orders, get advice, and access credit.

Over time, DeHaat has expanded its services to include crop insurance, farm equipment rental, and market linkages for farmers. The company also offers a range of digital tools and platforms, such as a mobile app, to help farmers manage their farms more efficiently.

Today, DeHaat serves more than 400,000 farmers across six states in India, and has raised over $30 million in funding from investors like Prosus Ventures, RTP Global, and FMO. The company has also received recognition for its innovative business model and impact on rural livelihoods, winning awards like the Skoch Order of Merit and the Future Agro Challenge.

Overall, DeHaat's success can be attributed to its deep understanding of the needs and challenges of rural farmers, as well as its ability to leverage technology to provide them with access to critical services and information. By empowering farmers with the tools they need to succeed, DeHaat is helping to transform India's agricultural landscape and improve the lives of millions of people in rural communities.