Jabalpur based EdTech Startup HomeGuruji raises 25 Lakhs in Seed Funding

Jabalpur based EdTech Startup HomeGuruji raises 25 Lakhs in Seed Funding

HomeGuruji, a Jabalpur Smart City Incubation Center backed Startup (Jabalpur Startups ),  mentored by Incubation Masters, works as an aggregator and provides 1:1 class to the students, mostly from central India, raised Rs. 25 Lakhs in seed funding from a Pune based Angel Investor, Girjesh Vyas

Slowly but steadily, Madhya Pradesh Startups have started marking their presence in the startup map of the country. Home Guruji, a Jabalpur Smart City Incubation Center Startup, mentored by Incubation Masters, works as an aggregator and provides 1:1 class to the students, mostly from central India, raises Rs 25 Lakhs in seed funding from a Pune based Angel Investor, Girjesh Vyas. The funding was facilitated by Jabalpur Smart City Incubation CenterIncubation Masters, and Hyderabad Angles

HomeGuruji, an online 1:1 private classes solution in your local language

Most of the popular and largest used learning apps in India currently are focused on English medium students. Some of these apps do have some content in Hindi medium, but still their maximum work and focus happen to be with the English medium learners. In India, there are a very large number of students studying in local languages, and out of them, Hindi medium students are the largest of the lot. A report by DNA India in Dec 2016 had suggested that around 49% of all students in India study in Hindi medium Schools. Considering the number of students studying in the local languages and their need for modern learning solution in their local languages, Nikhil Bhatnagar the Founder of HomeGuruji, along with this team came up with this idea during COVID, where students from Hindi medium and English medium can fine tutors and notes in the platform.HomeGuruji is now the community of more than 400+ Educators which includes the teachers from IIT’s, Nit’s, Delhi University, Jaipur University, who are teaching the students 1:1 live online at affordable prices.

What does the Founder Say!

According to the company statement, the startup will primarily use the fresh funds to upgrade their product, coach tools, and content that will enable better quality education. Established in 2020 by Nikhil Bhatnagar and the team, the journey of HomeGuruji has been inspirational to many. The team has helped well over 1000 students during COVID and they are adding 10 new students on an average every day. The EdTech startup teaches all subjects from classes 1 to 12 to children in the age group of 6-18 years in an interactive, small classroom of 3-5 children along with 1:1 classes. They have also launched a free video-based doubt solving platform for the students. HomeGuruji also serves the information-heavy subjects using machine learning and natural language processing for interactive learning and practice and also plans to foray into the concept heavy competitive exam segment.

Nikhil Bhatnagar, the Founder and CEO of HomeGuruji

The story of the founder of HomeGuruji is inspirational. Nikhil Bhatnagar had started giving home tuitions right during his college days and soon he realized that there are many people who wish to teach even when they are in college. During this, he also realized that the absorption power of every student is not the same, and each student needs special attention, some can grasp quickly but others may take it slow to understand the concepts. Therefore, he started 1:1 personalized classes and during COVID, he built the digital platform and leveraged the digital infrastructure to provide the tuitions digitally to the students.

Road Ahead!

HomeGuruji is not only helping Parents to choose the perfect tutor for their child but also helping the number of youths to earn a good amount by sharing their knowledge, and in these, all things can be done by sitting in the room of their home. Nobody has to step out of their home for Quality Education. HomeGuruji is now not only the curriculum-based educator provider but also in different fields so that we can bring the overall development in the child. Here we not only teach the school subjects but also helps the student to be the better citizen. We mean that Education is for all and also focusing on the same, we are not only helping the poor students in studies but also focusing on the students who are in small schools and doesn’t have resources to study well. HomeGuruji now aspires to scale up their services in different cities and states and even abroad with their special Mathematics classes.

About Jabalpur Smart City Incubation Center (JIC) – Jabalpur Startups

Jabalpur Incubation Masters

This center was launched in November 2017 and has incubated more than 100 startups since then there are many success stories of Jabalpur Incubation Center and HomeGuruji is another feather in the cap. Jabalpur Incubation Center is built and funded by Jabalpur Smart City Limited, Government of Madhya Pradesh, and managed by Incubation Masters. This is one of the most effective and impactful Government-backed Incubation Center in the country and anchoring the startup ecosystem of central India, Madhya Pradesh.

About Incubation Masters (IM)

Incubation Masters , Home Guruji Funding

 Incubation Masters is an incubation, startup, trade, and export promotion consulting organization working with smart cities and universities of India and abroad. Currently working with 500+ startups mostly from tier 2 and tier 3 cities of India and helping the local administration nurturing the startup and innovation ecosystem.

About Hyderabad Angles (HA)

Hyderabad Angles is a platform for connecting established angel investors and new generation entrepreneurs with innovative business ideas. Established in the year 2012, with the objective of nurturing aspiring entrepreneurs, HA, today, invests in promising start-ups globally to create tangible as well as intangible value.